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Every person dreams of owning a home at some point in their life. As a veteran living in Southern California, one of the greatest gifts you can honor yourself for your service is owning your dream home. However, this can be confusing, considering this may be your first experience, and there’s fear of solicitation from fraudulent agents. 

Thankfully, Thank You Heroes has a Home Rebate Program to help you get your dream home quickly. Keep reading to learn more about this program for veterans. 

Understanding the Thank You Heroes Rebate Program

The Thank You Heroes Home Rebate Program is a program offering veterans assistance in buying homes. To become eligible for this military home rebate program, you must be an active military personnel or a veteran. This applies to all ranks of active military, reserves, and veterans of the U.S. Air Force, Marine Corps, Army, Navy, and Coast Guard. 

To learn more about whether you qualify for the program, fill out the form on our Home Rebate Enrollment Program page. 

Benefits of the Thank You Heros VA Home Rebate Program

As an active military personnel or veteran living in San Diego, Riverside, Los Angeles, and surrounding counties, there are several benefits to enjoy through this program. These benefits include: 

Up to 100% of Closing Costs are covered

When buying a new home, its closing cost typically costs between 3% to 6% of the purchasing cost. With the Thank You Heroes VA Home Rebate Program, you can get up to a 100% rebate on the closing account. This means you don’t have to pay a penny as a way of thanking you for your dedication and commitment to serving the nation. 

Up to 30% back on commissions

One of the significant costs associated with buying or selling a home through a real estate agent is their related commissions. They typically cost 5% to 6% of the property’s final sale price. This is a considerable cost based on the type of home you choose to buy. However, with This program for veterans, you can save a lot through their commission cash back. For every commission you pay, expect us to refund up to 30% of the cost as a token of gratitude for your service to the community. 

Opportunity to work with the best lenders

At Thank You Heroes, our goal is to maintain a stress-free and seamless home-buying process. Therefore, we screen all lenders we invite to this program for veterans to ensure they meet our rigorous standards and will guarantee our terms of service. 

Saving big on your home buying or sale process

When you work with our Thank You Hero agents, you can save as much as 0.7% of the home purchase price. We also have a team of inspection and mortgage specialists who can help you save an average of $500 on lender fees, $50 on home inspection, and $150 on title service. This puts the total amount you can save after closing a home to about $3,000. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our quest to offer a seamless home buying process continues beyond saving on your cost. We offer a satisfaction guarantee that allows us to repurchase your home or sell it for free if you’re unsatisfied. 

Additional Resources for Veterans

At Thank You Heroes, we know that buying a home can be challenging. Therefore, we always put our heroes through a rigorous education process to ensure they make an informed decision in their home-buying process. We teach about every aspect of the home-buying process, including the real estate market, loan processes, escrows, equity, and more. 

Our Thank You Heroes specialists possess an incredible level of experience in the real estate market, making it an ideal asset for you through your loan approval process and finding a home that suits your monthly payments. 

Once you’re educated on the market, they will connect you to a Thank You Heroes-approved lender, giving you access to competitive loan rates and further education to make your decision more informed.

Don’t Miss Out – Start Your Journey to Homeownership Today with Thank You Heroes

If you’re a veteran or active military personnel living in Riverside, San Diego, Los Angeles, or Orange County, Thank You Heroes is your perfect veterans program for buying or selling a home. With the benefits of this program for veterans, you can rest assured of a seamless process and huge savings on your costs. Contact us today to learn how this program works and how to get started. 

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