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There is nothing we could ever do to repay the service and sacrifices made by the military heroes who have put everything on the line to serve and protect this nation. They hear and answer the call to serve their country. Although we cannot truly repay that service, we can do small things to thank those who have risked it all. One thing that the mortgage lending industry has done to help make the lives of military veterans a bit easier is offering a military home rebate program. The Thank You Heroes home rebate program helps military families with buying and selling homes with up to 100% of closing costs covered and up to a 30% return on commissions. Enroll today!

What Is the Military Home Rebate Program? 

Active duty, reserve, and veteran military members may receive benefits from the military home rebate program that helps lower the cost of owning a home. There is no better time to offer that assistance than right now. The New York Times reports that Americans’ average monthly mortgage payments are skyrocketing now.


In February, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association, the median monthly payment on a new mortgage application in America jumped more than 8 percent in just one month. That spike points to an entirely new and unpredictable phase in what has been a jaw-dropping housing market.


This indicates that many people may discover that they are struggling to afford the same mortgage payments that they handled with ease just a few months ago. Those with adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) are particularly vulnerable to swings in the interest rates set by the Federal Reserve. Thus, we all must recognize that there are programs that can be specifically set up to help veterans as they look at purchasing a home. 


Thank You Heroes can guide you through the process of applying for a military home rebate today.  

How Do These Programs Help People Save Money?

There are a handful of different ways that military house loans help people save money. Some of those methods include:


  • Tax rebates

  • Reduced lending fees

  • Grant qualification

  • Vendor discounts


All of these various savings start to add up, particularly when you consider that they are all used to save on a home, the largest purchase that the vast majority of people will ever make. If you can save even a tiny percentage of your money on the purchase of your home, it is well worth the trouble. Contact Thank You Heroes to get started today. 

Why Are These Programs Offered?

Lenders want to offer military home loans because they genuinely desire to help military heroes receive the financial support they deserve. Additionally, lenders understand that the military is a traditionally overlooked group regarding financial products. However, there are many reasons why lenders should look to this group as a great source of continued business moving forward. 


Military members are often able to do a great job of saving their money when they get into the service. They understand that this additional cash may make it easier for someone in the military to have what it takes to close on a house. It is rather interesting to realize that military members have so often been overlooked when financing homes when you realize that they are truly an untapped resource as people who can qualify to buy a home right now. 


These programs are a great way to show thanks to members of the military who have sacrificed so much, and they are also useful for the lenders to add yet another type of customer to their portfolio. Thank You Heroes is here to help you get started. 

What Kind of Credit Score Is Needed?

You might be concerned that your credit score will create issues regarding getting the kind of loan you need. For the average person, a low credit score might present some serious challenges that need to be addressed. However, military members can rest a bit easier knowing they can have a score that falls closer to a 620 and still be considered for this program. That score is far lower than the industry average for lending. A military mortgage may be issued with relaxed credit score requirements to give military members the help they need to get into the best home for them. Thank You Heroes can help you get started today

Before you write off your chance at owning your own home, look at the military rewards program.


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