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Find out in seconds! Qualified heroes receive up to a 30% return when they sell their home through the Thank You Heroes Program! Click the link below to get started!

Military Member Looking To Buy Or Sell A Home?

Are you part of the military and are looking to buy or sell a home right now? If this describes you, you need to know everything available to those who have served so bravely. Our Thank You Heroes program makes it as easy as possible for brave military heroes to get into or out of the properties they need without worries. You first need to know how to find the value of your home, and then you need to learn a little about a great program known as the Thank You Heroes Program.

Discover The Value Of Your Home

Who knew that it was possible to discover the value of your home in California in a matter of seconds? When you fill out some information through the Thank You Heroes program, you can be awarded some crucial details about the value of your home and what you may be able to get for it through the program. 

The real estate agents that work with the Thank You Heroes Program agree to give  20-to-30% of their commission back to the military hero whose home they are selling. That means big savings for our brave men and women who have served. It is honestly the least we can do to thank you for your brave sacrifice. 

If you have been searching phrases like “how to find the value of my home” and “how to find property value,” look no further as this information is available through the “Thank You Heroes” program. It will get you all the details you require, and you can start to participate in home shopping in ways you never thought possible. 

The Value Of Your Home May Be Up Lately

The value of your property is likely to have climbed steadily in recent years as the housing market has been on fire lately. CBS News put out a report detailing just how much the average home has risen recently:

According to S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Index, home prices in 20 major cities rose 19% in January from a year ago. Due to the supply shortage of homes the market and the high demand from buyers, residential real estate costs have climbed to a historical high.

These growth rates have rarely been seen in U.S. history! If you are already a homeowner, you are sitting pretty right now. Add on top of that the fact that you can take advantage of what is available through the Thank You Heroes Program, and it is easy to see why it is good to be a hero homeowner at this time.

If you ask yourself, “how much is my house worth?” you might want to take a few moments to get a quote from our program. Even if you checked in the last few years, you could be missing a lot of the increase in price due to rapid changes in the market in recent years. It would be best if you did not assume that the value of your home has remained static during this time. 

Should You Sell? 

The choice to sell your home or not is entirely up to you. The people who have made that choice see how hot the market is right now, and they know that it is unlikely to remain this way forever, so they are taking their chances now while it is still performing as well as it is. 

One needs to make numerous considerations before selling their property, including where they will move after they make the sale. Many property owners from the military are reviewing their options right now and deciding on what to do next. If you believe you may benefit from getting some quotes and ideas about what your property’s worth, then you should check in on it on the Thank You Heroes Program website. 

Having that information can help you decide what steps you need to take next for yourself and your family. Now is your time to act, should you chose to do so, and take steps toward your next adventure in another area. Please check out our Information Page