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Should I find a Realtor or Lender First?

Home Buyers Guide: Should I Find a Realtor or Lender First?

Buying or selling a home is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. Our community heroes often have many of the same questions when buying or selling a home. How do I start? How do I find an agent or lender I can trust? How do I view homes without having realtors constantly solicit me? Are there programs that can help me? Do I need a down payment? What credit score do I need? Just to name a few!

The Good news: The Thank You Heroes Program is here to help you through the process. 

How the Thank You Heroes Program guides you through these questions.

Buying a home in Southern California is a complex process considering the time and activities you must undertake, especially filling out paperwork and waiting for the loan process. Sometimes, this might be time-consuming and difficult, leaving most community heroes stranded and wondering where to begin. However, The Thank You Heroes Program will take you through the process with the least amount of stress.

Thank You Heroes Experts are professionals who put education first when helping clients through the buying and selling process. Making sure the client is educated on the real estate market, the life of an escrow, and the loan process keeps buyers and sellers confident that they are making wise and informed decisions. Some of the benefits heroes get for taking advantage of a program expert:

  • Thank You Heroes Agents

Thank You Heroes Agents have considerable experience in the industry and therefore have vast experience in navigating you through the loan pre-approval process. They have a ton of negotiating experience to get you the lowest price and best deal on a home. They can send you homes that match your criteria and fall within your monthly budget for payment.

Our Thank You Heroes Experts also educate you on the market and what to expect moving forward. They will show you how much money you will make through equity and market growth over the next 1-10 years and how you can move up to a bigger home and keep a similar payment.

Due to their Satisfaction Guarantee, “If you are not completely satisfied with the home you purchase, the program will Buy it Back or sell it for free,” they will NEVER pressure you to buy or sell a home.

  • The next step after the Client Gets Educated

After you are educated on the market, the Thank You Heroes Expert will connect you with a Thank You Heroes Lender. These lenders have been approved by the program and offer very competitive loans and rates. The lender will answer all of your questions and provide further education on the pre-approval process. It can be a pretty stressful process, but through education, you will always know what to expect next which will alleviate the stress of unknowing. The more information you have, the better decision you will make.

  • Next Step After Educated From Lender

The Thank You Heroes Expert will go over the benefits of using the program. The first is a 10% cash rebate when purchasing a home or a 20% cash rebate on the sale of your current home.

This is in addition to the Satisfaction Guarantees. They will also cover the lending side benefit, up to a 1% rebate on the total loan amount to help cover the total amount of closing costs. Don’t know what closing costs are? They’ll cover that too!

As you can see, the program takes you through the entire process with the least amount of stress. Not only are they minimizing the hassle of purchasing and selling a home, but they are offering huge savings and rebates as well! No more wondering how to start or what to expect. We are THE one-stop shop for every need when buying or selling a home.

Receive Guidance and Education from Thank You Heroes

Whether in San Diego, or Riverside County, choose a trustworthy program with tons of 5-star reviews. We urge you to research both our program and the experts that represent us. Read the reviews and educate yourselves so your first decision, who to trust, is your best decision. We will take care of the rest.

Thank You Heroes guides our heroes when buying or selling a home. We have a Thank You Heroes Home Rebate Program that enables qualified heroes to get huge savings when purchasing a home by covering up to 100% of the closing cost. Our program also provides qualified heroes selling homes with first-rate representation. In addition, our agents give back 20% of the commission to the heroes after a successful sale.

Contact us for any help when buying or selling a home.

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