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Dedicated to helping our Heroes in the Medical Field, Supporting Roles, and their Families!

The Thank You Heroes Home Rebate Program was solely built to be a safe place for all medical personnel, supporting roles, and families to buy and sell homes. This includes everyone from doctors, to nurses to countless other staff!

It is our mission to serve our community of heroes through a program directed by faith, love, family, community, and service in San Diego, CA, and throughout the country. The healthcare workers’ home rebate program is one way that we as a society can show our gratitude for the dedicated work that these workers put in every day. There are many upsides for qualified applicants that we will get into. 

How the Thank You Heroes Program Benefits First-Time Homebuyers

Only those who work in certain professions qualify for the Thank You Heroes program. Examples of qualified applicants include: 

  • First responders (firefighters, police, and paramedics)

  • Teachers

  • Active or former service members

  • Health care workers (nurses, doctors, etc.)

A few others qualify as well, but this list gives you an idea of some people who are automatically included in the Thank You Heroes program. 

Those who qualify for this program can receive significant discounts on various aspects of the real estate transaction they engage in. NerdWallet explains

How much you’ll save with Thank You Heroes depends on whether you’re buying, selling, or refinancing a home and the services you use. You’ll get a discount, in the form of a rebate, on any service provided through their network.

This is extremely important when you think about it. The closing costs associated with buying or selling a home can be a sneaky factor that people don’t always give enough attention to, but there is no doubt that saving money on it is always welcome.

Why Should You Choose “Thank You Heroes”?

We start by offering up to 30% back on commissions and rebates to cover up to 100% of closing costs.

We work exclusively with incredible lenders who have been vetted and approved by our program. We also include numerous benefits to protect our Heroes such as home warranties, satisfaction guarantees, and an exclusive buy back/sell for free guarantee if you are not happy with your new home.

We want to win the business of every client in San Diego, CA, who will do us the honor of letting us be the facilitator of their loan. The Thank You Heroes Home Rebate Program is your ideal choice because: 

  • 100% Rebate on All Closing Costs – When you work with us, we offer a 100% rebate on all closing costs associated with the property you buy or sell. We never want our clients to pay a penny for closing costs. They have sacrificed enough for the good of society, and we want to reward their strenuous efforts by offering them this small break. It is the least we can do for all they have done for us! 

  • 30% Back on Commissions – One of the most significant expenses buyers and sellers worry about when working with real estate is the associated commissions. Real estate agents have to get their cut, but we want to help you save as much as possible on those costs. After all, our goal is to get you into a home as inexpensively as possible. 

  • We Only Work with Specific Lenders – We screen every lender that is eventually invited into our program. We want to ensure they meet our rigorous standards and agree to the conditions above at a bare minimum. As such, there are plenty of times when we have to deny some lenders if they are not up to the standards that we have for them. 

Thank You Heroes aims to do our very best to provide for healthcare workers, first responders, and everyone who has sacrificed so much. Saving on commissions and closing costs on a home may not seem like much, but it is a gesture that we can offer to try to show these people that we care about the hard work they have put in for the betterment of our San Diego, CA community. 

How to Get Started

Excited by everything that you read above? Great! We want to work with you to get you into the program if you qualify. To get started, you need to go to our website and fill out a form that details who you are (healthcare worker, veteran, etc.), as well as some basic contact information about yourself, and then we can start the process. 

Once we have your details, we will send you the following steps to take to get yourself enrolled in the program. We hope you will take the time to see what we are all about and how we can help you.

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